There was a lightning strike and my computer won’t power on. Have I lost all my music, pictures, documents, school work, etc?

Whenever you have inadequate backups, you are always at risk of permanent data loss. This can be caused by any number of issues including electrical surges, viruses, or parts prematurely failing… it’s ALWAYS possible. Additionally, the methods mentioned below are not guaranteed to work in your exact situation… some damage is so extensive that no recovery effort would likely be successful. If you schedule an appointment, we can help you to assess your current options.

The good news for anyone who may be hearing this too late, is that if you hire a company with the correct tools and skills, there is a very good chance that we can recover some or all of your data. Even better news is that most computer’s power supplies are designed to fail in case of an electrical surge, usually protecting the rest of your computer.

What this means for you is that in some cases, the hard drive may still work perfectly, at least long enough to make a backup. Other times, where there has been either physical damage to the drive or major file system corruption, it is not as cut and dry; however, in many cases we have still been able to recover all important documents for some clients.

Furthermore, we never recommend our clients to trust any parts which have been involved in a surge for anything beyond making a final backup. They are much more likely to fail after this type of abuse. This includes parts which seem fine initially.

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